Khan Academy vs. Math Class

So precalc has been pretty good. Until, we got out of review. Now we are stepping into the world of actual precalculus and everything was making sense until the concepts were beginning to be explained. What I thought I understood now was just a jumble of variables and numbers forming something that looked like math. So, looking for an alternative from my long math class that was simply confusing my very existence (maybe a little dramatic) I remembered Khan’s videos! I scrolled through long pages looking for precalculus videos on limits and finally came across the series covering limits. And within 9 minutes, the concepts my math class tried to explain in an hour and a half was cleared up. Even continuity is starting to fall into place and making sense as I work out my homework. So thank you Khan! I have to say, I have never realized how badly generic teaching ideas can be. Math speech just sometimes doesn’t compute. ¬†

If you are curious to know what I was relearning, here it is:¬†–brain-malfunction-on-first-prob–part-4