Nice Guys Violin Cover

Almost everyone has heard this song and as a violinist I was super excited for this!!!!!


The A Team Mix

So at CCA we have this amazing program called Envision. It is like having an extra class dedicated to the creative things you specialize in. My area of “expertise” is instrumental music.  Well, our normal music director was not there today so a friend of mine and I got creative on the piano. (Which FYI neither one of us can play.) We created chords that go well with the words from “The A Team” . We were singing and I have to say, it was sounding really good considering. Of course, then our slight doubt in abilities, terrible ipod microphone and a slightly out of tune piano might have dampened our resolve. But, if we get back on it and clean up our extremely amateur playing then  maybe I will post a short excerpt of out masterpiece. 😉

Cheerwine Giveback: The Aveet Brothers

So for all of you Southerns, (Yes, despite my residence in California I do have history from the south.) you probably know about Cheerwine, but you may not know about the giveback they are doing. Cheerwine and The Aveet Brothers are partnering up with each other  to help kids with this event. If you are interested in this event here is the link for the giveback.

Gangname Style: Kpop

I must give my thanks to the amazingly talented art students (this of course includes ALL types of art) for the wonderful conservatory projects we did this weekend. I must also give them this credit to showing all of our school “Oppa Gangnam Style”! Enjoy! You will definitely find this funny. XD!!!