Mirror Mirror Costume designs by Eiko Ishioka

I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVEN’T WRITTEN ANYTHING IN SO LONG!!! I’m sorry guys, but the long wait has come to an end. I watched Mirror Mirror last night and I loved it. It was hilarious and the humor was almost that of a gag movie. However, despite the lack of seriousness, the costumes were seriously amazing. They were designed by Eiko Ishioka, a costume designer and digital artist. Even though I didn’t recognize her name, which I probably should considering all of her awards, I recognized her many works. Here are some of the costumes from the movie. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE!!!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageYou will be remembered Eiko Ishioka.


DIY Jewelry Organizer

What you need:

An old canvas             

Hot glue gun

Old Fabric 



What to do:

First take you old used canvas (mine used to be an old panting I made in third grade, horrid painting) and start sticking the foam on your canvas with the glue gun. I used old green foam that holds plants in place because there wasn’t anything else in the house, but feel free to find some brand new foam.

Let dry, then tightly spread the fabric across the foam and glue in the front. Make sure it is tight or the ends will stick out and as you pin things the fabric moves and things fall out. I learned first hand.

Let the fabric dry then measure out the ribbon. I made my ribbon look like a present wrapping job but you can do it in strips or random lines. Glue down tightly, let dry and start hanging your jewelry!

Finals and the Procrastination that Follows

So after all this studying I needed a break and I thought the best way to do that was waste time on wordpress and maybe write a new post. 😉 So far I am doing very well at procrastinating. So far I have gotten some bio done and math studying is next. Fun. The best part is I am in cramming fashion. For those of you who aren’t aware, studying comes with any degree of studying. For some, it is to pick out the next day’s clothes to waste as much time as possible before really buckling down and studying. For others, it may be getting into pajamas. (And if your a girl, throwing your hair into a bun on top of your head and putting on your nerd glasses.) I would love to show you my amazing line of studying fashion but my camera is far away and bio is beckoning once again. So watch for an update for an amazing picture of a studying nerd. Me! Good luck with all finals everyone!

More Pictures Coming Soon…

The Adventures of STAR Testing Week

Pros:                                                                      Cons:

– Free Food                                                         – Looonnng Testing Time

– Less Homework                                              – Still have homework

– Interesting Testing Outfits                           – Mom Won’t Let Me Go To School W/PJs

STAR testing brings both good and bad times. For one, we get free food! Cinnamon rolls and muffins await me as I walk through the gates of my school. ( My day is always better when there are sweets first thing in the morning.) Of course, there is always the benefit of less homework; however, there is always ONE teacher who wants to ruin the mood and give kids homework anyway. Plus, walking through my school during testing gives everyone a chance to experience a new fashion trend only available select times of the year.  For example, there are some who dress normally(me), others who think that testing is a model runway and dress in their finest, or showiest/holiest clothes they can find in their closet(others), and special individuals that come in their comfiest(not a word) clothes, A.K.A their PJs(special individuals). The best by far I’ve seen so far has been a special individual who had dressed in their PJs and equipping himself with a pillow and blanket. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take a picture of him so you will have to make do with the other picture I took. 😉

Casual Clothing Goers


PJ Goers                                                                        Holy (Maybe Holey?) Goers

First two pictures taken by me, while the last was taken from an online source.

(I don’t take pictures of that.)