Cartoon about World History!

This cartoon/anime is a series about personified countries and the trials they face as they live through important moments in history. Though it may sound offensive to some many, it has great history lessons in an entertaining way. The show mixes together all the stereotypes of all different races to create information that will actually stick rather than trying to stay awake will reading a bland history book.



A Peaceful Vacation

Staring out a glass corner of a house as I watch the waves crash onto the beach below. The tips of jagged rocks poke in and out of view as the water recedes from the land and right back up like a constant game of tag between the land and sea. I sip my hot chocolate, so different from the one back home. Flavored with various seasonings. Let’s not forget the cayenne pepper that begins to creep its way down my throat. The calm atmosphere ebbs in and out as conversation is struck then put to rest when silence falls as the climax of a card game ends. The small sounds sounds seem to make more of an impact. The rustle of a page turning, the murmer spanish radio, the muted sound of a knife hitting a cutting board all seem to add up to make a symphony of  peace.

Here’s the view I have been waking up to every morning for the past 4 days!

Disgustingly Funny/Cute Games

So I have recently been introduced to some curious games that only a select few individuals could develop. One of these games is known as Happy Poo Jump. Before I continue, think about that name. If you haven’t seen this or had the delight of your little sister excitedly showing you this game, then take a stab at what it might be. Got it? Then proceed to let your eyes wander to the picture below.

This game is surprisingly entertaining. But that’s not all! They also have a game with the same poo character and you have to “shine” the poo. Polish it with your finger and your poo becomes as shiny as bad chinese food.



When You Just Don’t Know…

I guess the title sounds a little depressing, but in a way this is a slightly darker post then the rest.(Must be due to the Halloween Spirit coming up.) It feels like there is nothing to write about. Though, it seems my English and Spanish teachers think otherwise. They must feel it necessary to write long essay answers to short stories and epic poems on the symbolism of the belly button of the world and construct short dialogue of “common speech” which I can promise you I will never do. I mean, is walking up to a stranger saying “hi”, telling them what emotions you may feel that day, what your qualities are, and how many family members you may have something you want to tell a potential creeper? Maybe that is what my spanish teacher thinks  kids do these days. Don’t get me wrong, I do see some benefit to the exercises.  For one it is good practice for sentence structure, but it is hard to believe that is the only way to teach that sill. See what I mean people? This post is a bit dark. However, I am proud to say I have turned my lack of inspiration to write into a thought provoking post. At least if I do say so myself.

I still don’t know teachers teach the way they do or why I can’t think of something fun to write about. But hey, at least I’m writing this much write? It seems I need to find some kind of adventure to find some inspiration. Oh look! It’s only 11am! That’s plenty of time. Hope I am back looking at this same wordpress format soon! 😀

P.S I don’t even know what category to put this in…


My Animal Personality?

So at a long night at a friend’s sleepover birthday party, we stumbled onto the topics of people and what they look like. I from the very start was pegged as a mouse. I myself didn’t see the resemblance. But it wasn’t the first time I had heard the reference. My parents always told me that I ate like a mouse. Apparently, eating small bites continuously and grazing at any opportunity is a little similar to the eating habits of a mouse. I still didn’t see it. However, a turn of events lead to one thing to another and I ended up squeaking like a mouse unintentionally. What else are you supposed to do when someone jumps out at you from the depths of a shadow? Scream? Yell like a normal person would? Oh contrar, that would be too main stream. 😉 At least since then my animal has gone under some fine tuning. My ability to jump flawlessly over 3 sleeping people onto a couch which might have been 6 feet away had an effect on my “mouse” identity. Instead I became this little guy.I admit, I am adorable. 😀 Behold my newly revised personality!!! THE KANGAROO MOUSE!!!! (yes there is such thing)

Gangname Style: Kpop

I must give my thanks to the amazingly talented art students (this of course includes ALL types of art) for the wonderful conservatory projects we did this weekend. I must also give them this credit to showing all of our school “Oppa Gangnam Style”! Enjoy! You will definitely find this funny. XD!!!