Field Hockey is an Olympic Sport?

The google doodles are teaching me a lot these last couple of days. For one, I learned that synchronized diving is not as lame as it sounds, archery has gained a lot of followers thanks to the Hunger Games and that I never really took to the time to think that field hokey would be a sport in the Olympics. But hey, they have ping pong right?

I think this is also the first year I have actually watched the Olympics and have been keeping up with what sports are on and when. Usually at this time I am back in Kentucky in the summer and don’t get to watch them. So actually watching consistently for the first time has gotten me excited for archery, volleyball and sailing. Hope you guys are keeping up too!

Go Team USA!!!


Happy Birthday Amelia Earhart!

My family has a couple of pilots and Amelia is definitely a star among aviators, especially women. As most people know, Amelia was the first woman to be honored with the U.S Distinguished Flying Cross award for, or course, being the first woman to fly the Atlantic alone. Everyone remembers her for her disappearance along with Fred Noonan, but she is also known with adoration for her bravery in paving the way for women to explore new fields of work that ladies had never been considered for before. Happy Birthday Amelia! Image of Amelia Earhart