Floating Green Mueum

Physalia, the upcoming museum, nightclub and laboratory on water is in the early stages of development. The floating museum will actually give more to than the environment then it will take. The idea for the ship is it will scrub the water clean as it navigates waters. It will be coated with a titanium-dioxide-coated aluminum(Something I’m not going to even to pretend to have known.) This special coating will break down organic and inorganic toxins. Amazing! Maybe someday in the distant future I can visit this floating masterpiece and work in the water lab. Until then, I’ll enjoy these amazing concept drawings!

“Physalia A museum, nightclub and filtration system, Physalia uses its hull and rooftop plants to scrub away pollution.”- Suzanne LeBarre



Hisashige Tanaka

Hisashige Tanaka. Actually his first name is a Tanaka but in Japan they introduce themselves last name then first name. I want to mention this japanese man because he was a famous engineer who created miniature figurines in 1799. This may seem irrelevant but Hisashige Tanaka’s talent was an earlier version of the widley known Toshiba. So, thank this man for all his achievements in technology because you may be depending on him everyday.