Farmers Market: CCA

The Farmers Market at CCA has been temporarily closed! Apparently their lease went up and they aren’t coming back until March. I guess it makes sense though because it is FREEZING outside and it is kind of difficult to walk down a market comfortably when their is so much wind.



Moon Festival

NOOOOO!!! I missed the Moon Festival!!!!!! ;( For those of you who don’t know what the Moon Festival is it is a festival celebrated mid-autumn.(Which makes sense because it also called the Mid-Autumn Festival to some.) There are a ton of legends that go with the festival but I always get them mixed up so you will have to find them yourself. HOWEVER, my favorite part is playing Mooncake Dice and eating mooncakes. Mooncake dice is where you try to roll 6 dice and you get prizes depending on what you roll. Of course, the reward used to be mooncakes, but now it is just a mix of what people bring for the game.

Mooncakes are my favorite part! They are pastries with paste filling and they are SOOO good! Usually, I have ones at the store so instead I am going to try to make them. Be ready to see how they come out!

New Tea Room at Del Mar Highlands

So, if you haven’t read before I am IN LOVE with tea. I am the biggest hater of anything coffee. I can’t even understand how people drink that stuff. XP It has the terrible bitter flavor and the taste lingers for the longest time. I am baffled by the thing called coffee. Nasty stuff. However, tea on the other hand is my gasoline. If I need a little caffeine my first stop is always a caffeinated black tea. Or maybe I can’t sleep its Sleepy Time filled to the brim in my Tinker Bell mug. (Another love of mine.) Of course, this rambling does have a point. Whenever I go to L.A I got to The American Tea Room. The smells in there are amazing and the tea is always served with some kind of chocolate piece that melts in your mouth. It is lined with every tea imaginable and the staff are well-educated about their tea. Then, my trip would end and I would come back to the everyday tea of the grocery store at my local farmers market. But, my wishes have been fulfilled for a tea shop has come to the small corner of Del Mar Highlands and the Leaf & Kettle has been born. Though I haven’t been there enough to really form a solid opinion. My hour long conversation there with my mom over a nice kettle of blood orange tea was pleasurable in itself. Though smaller then the other tea room I enjoy, it has an adequate amount of tea and the atmosphere is peaceful. The staff were also well-educated about their own tea selections and were able to help us sample teas to find the one our outing needed. I am happy to say that Del Mar is complete.

Already loving tea from a young age…

Sprinkles Cupcakes… Yum

So after a long hard interview at Fox 5 TV station. My mom took us to Sprinkles Cupcakes!!!! Yummy!

I got the one on the top. It’s a s’more cupcake. So good! It has marshmallow icing with chocolate cupcake. It also has graham cracker crust at the very bottom and has a chocolate filling.