Random Act of Kindness

I was scrolling through pinterest (when am I not?) and saw an amazing pin on acts of random kindness. There were some great examples and I am going to promise to all of you that I am going to accomplish an act of my own. I will take a picture then post it here to prove to you all I did it. Why not try one yourself? If you do please tell me through a comment or a link to your blog so I can read all about it. Spread the love!



A New Beginning: Part 1

A new year usually means a new beginning, a time where all the things you want to do is scheduled. A new year is a time to celebrate what has been accomplished and what things you can do in the coming months. It’s a time where everyone is hopeful to get those things that has been on their list for years done. It is a hopeful time when more people are looking at the glass half full. I am going to take a second to be a total pessimist and look at things as half empty. I know, completely out of character and and wrong time. Where were my pessimistic views on 12/21? I had hoped to really get on top of writing more often but time got away and before I knew it the year was over. So, taking the saying “Shoot for the stars and you’ll land among them” I am making a new years resolution to post one post EVERY DAY along with a fellow blogger bawktalk.com! I am hopeful that I can accomplish this task. So get ready for some random thoughts and maybe some amazing literature in this coming year. Oh and don’t forget the part 2 for this post! I didn’t know how to integrate the ideas even though they have the same meaning so I wrote a little something extra. READ IT!

The Art of A Letter

Mostly, people send an email, a facebook notification(or poke) or some other social media to write things to each other. However, the letter business seems to be near nonexistent other than the need to pay bill and other not so much fun stuff. I recently sent out party invitations through the mail and even if it took more work and resources to do so that way, it was different from the norm. I’m not talking about the gala invitations. Those are still common, but a good old fashion party for you and some friends. Personally, whenever I get mail that isn’t something about a payement due or some politician running for a position I become happy to know that someone took the time to write something to me. I was curious about what kind of things you can do with a letter so here are some ideas for your next special piece of mail you send out.