Yes, it has been nine months since my first post. ITS HARD TO BELIEVE! Thanks to everyone who has been checking in. I know. It isn’t even a year and I am all sappy. ;D So I know I promised you I would post about my random good deed but I forgot the picture! Oh well, looks like I will just have to do another one. Don’t forget to post your good dead here!

9 Month Anniversary Cake in purple with yellow roses


Random Act of Kindness

I was scrolling through pinterest (when am I not?) and saw an amazing pin on acts of random kindness. There were some great examples and I am going to promise to all of you that I am going to accomplish an act of my own. I will take a picture then post it here to prove to you all I did it. Why not try one yourself? If you do please tell me through a comment or a link to your blog so I can read all about it. Spread the love!


Clothing Drive!!!

So I and some friends have created a clothing drive to benefit an organization called Stand Up For Kids and all the clothes we collect will be going to homeless teens. We sincerely hope that these clothes get to them before it gets any colder. Please help us out by dropping off your lightly used clothes at the Fairbanks Village Plaza November 17 from 11-2. If you are able, I hope to see you there! Plus, you get a free cupcake from our local partners, Cupcake Love!!!! Come drop off! 

Cheerwine Giveback: The Aveet Brothers

So for all of you Southerns, (Yes, despite my residence in California I do have history from the south.) you probably know about Cheerwine, but you may not know about the giveback they are doing. Cheerwine and The Aveet Brothers are partnering up with each other  to help kids with this event. If you are interested in this event here is the link for the giveback. http://www.cheerwine.com/giveback/avett.php