Floating Green Mueum

Physalia, the upcoming museum, nightclub and laboratory on water is in the early stages of development. The floating museum will actually give more to than the environment then it will take. The idea for the ship is it will scrub the water clean as it navigates waters. It will be coated with a titanium-dioxide-coated aluminum(Something I’m not going to even to pretend to have known.) This special coating will break down organic and inorganic toxins. Amazing! Maybe someday in the distant future I can visit this floating masterpiece and work in the water lab. Until then, I’ll enjoy these amazing concept drawings!

“Physalia A museum, nightclub and filtration system, Physalia uses its hull and rooftop plants to scrub away pollution.”- Suzanne LeBarre



The Art of A Letter

Mostly, people send an email, a facebook notification(or poke) or some other social media to write things to each other. However, the letter business seems to be near nonexistent other than the need to pay bill and other not so much fun stuff. I recently sent out party invitations through the mail and even if it took more work and resources to do so that way, it was different from the norm. I’m not talking about the gala invitations. Those are still common, but a good old fashion party for you and some friends. Personally, whenever I get mail that isn’t something about a payement due or some politician running for a position I become happy to know that someone took the time to write something to me. I was curious about what kind of things you can do with a letter so here are some ideas for your next special piece of mail you send out.


Picture Rehablitation

So if you have read my previous post on my vacation to Mexico you read about the calmness  I encountered while there; which resulted in some interesting writing. But really, everyone needs to have those occasional zen writing moments. We would just become a huge list of drab writing of essays, memos and boring papers. I guess my writing did sound like I was possibly drinking too much unfiltered water or maybe accepting brownies from strangers, but that it fine with me. (P.S neither of those happened in case you were concerned.)

Anyhow, I was looking through the pictures I took  my mom/sister took and created a new beautiful one, if I do say so myself. SEE THE TRANSFORMATION!!!!