A Riddle From Me to You! Ask: Lemons and Lace

So I wanted to post a message on my friends tumblr, but apparently I had too much to say. So, instead I posted the rest of my riddle/message here. I thought I was clever and I hope you agree. Of course, you might not understand if ‘cuz it’s not for all to see! (Still in a rhyming mood. Basically, you won’t get it because you lack background info.)
Here’s me message!

Riddle: We may not be the bestest friends, but I hear that its the latest trend. I hope you can guess the secret who, here’s a hint from me to you! I snack next to a wispy tree, basking in the sun for all to see. I DON’T sit next to those dark damp stairs, why would I when it gives the scares? If only we had one more class, we’d totally have a giant blAst! If even that isn’t enough for you, here is one more clue! It is bold, for all to behold!Image


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