Hallelujah Piano Cover: Brian Crain

I’m not kidding when I say about fifty of the views are mine. I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. I thought of sharing the wonderful sound with you!


Khan Academy vs. Math Class

So precalc has been pretty good. Until, we got out of review. Now we are stepping into the world of actual precalculus and everything was making sense until the concepts were beginning to be explained. What I thought I understood now was just a jumble of variables and numbers forming something that looked like math. So, looking for an alternative from my long math class that was simply confusing my very existence (maybe a little dramatic) I remembered Khan’s videos! I scrolled through long pages looking for precalculus videos on limits and finally came across the series covering limits. And within 9 minutes, the concepts my math class tried to explain in an hour and a half was cleared up. Even continuity is starting to fall into place and making sense as I work out my homework. So thank you Khan! I have to say, I have never realized how badly generic teaching ideas can be. Math speech just sometimes doesn’t compute.  

If you are curious to know what I was relearning, here it is: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/trigonometry/limit_topic_precalc/limits_precalc/v/limit-examples-w–brain-malfunction-on-first-prob–part-4


Mary Wollstonecraft: A New Genus

“The First of a New Genus”-Mary Wollstonecraft

These famous words came from Mary Wollstonecraft, a scandalous writer of the 1700’s. They express the feelings of Mary wanting to create a society where women are equal to men. It expresses her want for a new type of society that allow for more freedom and rights. She had not only one, but two affairs before getting married.(As you may already know, unlike today, this would ruin any chance for a clean existence then.) I mention this because this gives is a great example for the rest of the way she lived her life, out of the norm of an eighteenth century woman shopping for a husband. Due to her unorthodox lifestyle her writing and ideas were never really considered until the twentieth century. However, she is really one of the first to speak up for women’s rights. In her  A Vindication of Women’s Rights she says that women aren’t made to be inferior to men, but are breed to be so because of their lack of education. She even suggested that women were egual to men!(GASP!) A laughable notion in her time, which really just makes me even more excited to read bout her and learn her story. That this woman in her time could speak out against such common law and rules would have taken courage in a time when only white males had power. Let me rephrase that, white men with money had power. For example, … Never mind. That is a whole other post which needs to have its own separate thought.

Anyway, during the women’s rights movement, a new interest in the works of Mary became an inspiration to the women fighting for their right to hold equal ground of men. So Thank you Mary Wollstonecraft and all of your courage and literature.Image

Excuse the Blank Spaces

You may have noticed but I have changed the theme… again. I know! I should stay loyal to one theme but I am always finding something that fits better or reflects my state of mind. So, I have the new theme oxygen. I am in love. The only downfall, it needs featured pictures. Not that big of the deal, I almost always have pictures but I never set them as featured images because my last theme didn’t need them. So here I am trying to fill in the awkward white spaces. However, there are 106 posts here.(Wow, I wrote a lot.) I didn’t have the patience nor the will power to put new images for each of them. So, I will do my best to get that sorted out and get some nice pictures there instead of the ugly gray rectangle above each post, but until then thanks for putting up with it.

A Clearer Plate

So I have had my plate full with lots of things. One in particular commitment was pulling me away from other things I wanted to get done and I always felt like I wasn’t able to give enough time to the other projects I already had or wanted to take on. So, I made the decision to drop it. I was a bittersweet breakup. I loved being in the program but I just didn’t have the time to keep a good presence in my other tasks. Now I am free and able to set myself on a new course. Wish me luck!Image