Communication: Past and Present

If you read my post on the antisocial app (which if you haven’t, you should.) you would know how I was having a difficult time concentrating with all of the chatter of the internet as constant background noise. So, like any teenager that sees an opportunity to go off task, I found an app that prevented just that. However, now I am here to elaborate on the different ways to communicate from the past and present. This of course was all inspired after watching the new game, Assassins Creed 3, my dad was playing last weekend. One of the objectives was to decrease you notoriety and there were different methods which one could go about doing this. One was to bribe the town yeller(caller?), tear down posters or bribe the printer to stop printing the wanted posters plastered all around town. This had me thinking, how was information moved from one person to another? Well here you are!

Past: carrier pigeons, smoke signals, postman on horse,printing press, telegraph, writing, encyclopedias, heliographs, newspapers, typewriter, morse code, books

Present: email, phones, text messages, chat rooms, cell phones, online video chat, computers, internet, e-news, television news casts, social media sights,

Common Ground: Word of Mouth, the only communication that surpasses all others in age



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