A New Beginning: Part 2

So the new year is all about starting again and doing things that you didn’t do the year before. But then I started thinking, why do people start things in the new year? Why wait to make the changes in your life later when there is a chance to start something every new day, every new breath! Don’t get me wrong, I am as guilty of pushing things off to be started and finished as the next person. Maybe even more. I mean, why would I wait ’til January 1 to start posting every single day? I should have started as soon as I had the chance but instead I waited. So for yet another promise to myself for the new year, I am going to get things done as soon as I think them. Yep. As the thought crosses me mind. For example, I just thought of trying out some video posts this year. Looks like I need to go dig up a video camera and soon YOU are going to be seeing some videos here! DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT NEW YEAR, START ON THE NEXT NEW BREATH!Image


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