A New Beginning: Part 1

A new year usually means a new beginning, a time where all the things you want to do is scheduled. A new year is a time to celebrate what has been accomplished and what things you can do in the coming months. It’s a time where everyone is hopeful to get those things that has been on their list for years done. It is a hopeful time when more people are looking at the glass half full. I am going to take a second to be a total pessimist and look at things as half empty. I know, completely out of character and and wrong time. Where were my pessimistic views on 12/21? I had hoped to really get on top of writing more often but time got away and before I knew it the year was over. So, taking the saying “Shoot for the stars and you’ll land among them” I am making a new years resolution to post one post EVERY DAY along with a fellow blogger bawktalk.com! I am hopeful that I can accomplish this task. So get ready for some random thoughts and maybe some amazing literature in this coming year. Oh and don’t forget the part 2 for this post! I didn’t know how to integrate the ideas even though they have the same meaning so I wrote a little something extra. READ IT!


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