Confidence Level Needed: Hair Coloring

I must have a phobia of doing ANYTHING to my hair. I can barley stand going to the salon to get my hair cut. If you have been around long enough to be reading my blog you would have read about the WORST HAIRCUT OF MY LIFE!! It took me two weeks to finally decide I would go through with it and the person messed up. So here I am, trying to pull together the courage to pop the all too delicate seal on the dye and get busy. However, as you can see I am stalling as much as possible trying to weigh the choices. I love my hair, but I think I would love it just as much with the color.  I’m off! I’ll update before and after pictures!


Communication: Past and Present

If you read my post on the antisocial app (which if you haven’t, you should.) you would know how I was having a difficult time concentrating with all of the chatter of the internet as constant background noise. So, like any teenager that sees an opportunity to go off task, I found an app that prevented just that. However, now I am here to elaborate on the different ways to communicate from the past and present. This of course was all inspired after watching the new game, Assassins Creed 3, my dad was playing last weekend. One of the objectives was to decrease you notoriety and there were different methods which one could go about doing this. One was to bribe the town yeller(caller?), tear down posters or bribe the printer to stop printing the wanted posters plastered all around town. This had me thinking, how was information moved from one person to another? Well here you are!

Past: carrier pigeons, smoke signals, postman on horse,printing press, telegraph, writing, encyclopedias, heliographs, newspapers, typewriter, morse code, books

Present: email, phones, text messages, chat rooms, cell phones, online video chat, computers, internet, e-news, television news casts, social media sights,

Common Ground: Word of Mouth, the only communication that surpasses all others in age


Finals a.k.a hell week: Antisocial App

There are always hard core training camps at the beginning of a season for any sport. All the members are ready to push themselves to the limit. Even puke from over exertion. Right now,  it’s the academic hell week. Studying none stop only to be interrupted by the bouncing email icon of the twitter notification or that post on your timeline. Know what I am talking about? Those terrible social media sights that get in the way of your academic hell week. The constant buzz of the interenet beckoning you away from your studying all because someone changed their profile picture. Even it you close the window for what ever is distracting you, as soon as you search something of academic value that share button stares at you goading you to click it. Click it… Click it… Well the solution for all of you procrastinators and studiers that are easily distracted, I bring you ANTISOCIAL! Yep. That’s the name of the app that will save you life. It is quite appropriate considering that is what I say I am going to be all of hell week. This little app blocks all pings from you computer for up to 8 hours! Even when you are on a site that just has a twitter feed or share button. If you click it (I tried) you get an unavailable message! The best thing for anyone that gets distracted! So if you find yourself having a hard time studying because of social media. Try out AntiSocial. You do ave to buy it but it is really worth if. Even if your not sure you can get a free trial! DO IT!!!!

Gangnam Style Check Up

Everyone has heard of Psy’s Gangnam Song. I’m not going to even link it to this post because of how many people have already heard it. So I was interested to know how this 4 minute video was doing. Last time I had checked it was at 1,000,000 views. Pretty awesome for one video considering it wasn’t in english and had only been out 2 weeks. 6 months later and the video is up to 1,000,000,000 views. Actually 1,232,344,815 to be precise. I think my goal os to get that man views on this here little blog. Hey, if you shoot for the stars you will land among them.

ImageP.S This video is so popular it comes up on the tags preinstalled for wordpress…

Random Act of Kindness

I was scrolling through pinterest (when am I not?) and saw an amazing pin on acts of random kindness. There were some great examples and I am going to promise to all of you that I am going to accomplish an act of my own. I will take a picture then post it here to prove to you all I did it. Why not try one yourself? If you do please tell me through a comment or a link to your blog so I can read all about it. Spread the love!



For all of the writers out their, I CHALLENGE YOU!

Life on High

It’s a new year and a new month….. which means, time for a new blogging game! Yay! Uh, you guys WERE looking forward to this, weren’t you?

So maybe some of you have noticed by now, but last month I failed to do a blogging game due to time constraints, stress, lack of inspiration, and just plain laziness. I’d originally intended to post one after I came back from vacation and then when that didn’t work out, after Christmas, but by then I figured no one really cared and if we all survived the end of the world, a new month would be here in no time.

And now here we are.


I thought long and hard about what would be interesting and fitting for this time of year, when we’re all still starry-eyed and full of ambition. And then I came upon the idea of a never-ending story…

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