Christmas Road trip to Salton Sea

My parents decided on a whim to take us on a road trip. And this spur of the moment thought and a two hour drive brought us to the Salton sea. I though, “Cool a really salty lake in the middle of no where that shouldn’t be too bad.” What I didn’t realize was that the sea was so salty that it had killed tons(literally) of fish and birds creating the smelliest area I have ever been in. We have all gone onto the docks where fish have stunk up the area but it you walk a few feet the smell dissipates and everything smells peachy. The Salton Sea? You could walk down all of the beach and there still wouldn’t be any escape from the rotting fish smell. Let’s not forget the “sand” which is actually made of millons of fish and bird bones. Overall I have to say that it was the least enjoyable trip we have taken. Xmas-ROADTRIP-18