A Peaceful Vacation

Staring out a glass corner of a house as I watch the waves crash onto the beach below. The tips of jagged rocks poke in and out of view as the water recedes from the land and right back up like a constant game of tag between the land and sea. I sip my hot chocolate, so different from the one back home. Flavored with various seasonings. Let’s not forget the cayenne pepper that begins to creep its way down my throat. The calm atmosphere ebbs in and out as conversation is struck then put to rest when silence falls as the climax of a card game ends. The small sounds sounds seem to make more of an impact. The rustle of a page turning, the murmer spanish radio, the muted sound of a knife hitting a cutting board all seem to add up to make a symphony of  peace.

Here’s the view I have been waking up to every morning for the past 4 days!


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