Moon Festival

NOOOOO!!! I missed the Moon Festival!!!!!! ;( For those of you who don’t know what the Moon Festival is it is a festival celebrated mid-autumn.(Which makes sense because it also called the Mid-Autumn Festival to some.) There are a ton of legends that go with the festival but I always get them mixed up so you will have to find them yourself. HOWEVER, my favorite part is playing Mooncake Dice and eating mooncakes. Mooncake dice is where you try to roll 6 dice and you get prizes depending on what you roll. Of course, the reward used to be mooncakes, but now it is just a mix of what people bring for the game.

Mooncakes are my favorite part! They are pastries with paste filling and they are SOOO good! Usually, I have ones at the store so instead I am going to try to make them. Be ready to see how they come out!


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