Hisashige Tanaka

Hisashige Tanaka. Actually his first name is a Tanaka but in Japan they introduce themselves last name then first name. I want to mention this japanese man because he was a famous engineer who created miniature figurines in 1799. This may seem irrelevant but Hisashige Tanaka’s talent was an earlier version of the widley known Toshiba. So, thank this man for all his achievements in technology because you may be depending on him everyday.


Tedx is being held at CCA and instrumental music conservatory is going to be composing a piece for the transitions from speaker to speaker. I wasn’t much help but it was still a lot of fun listening to the opinions of other musicians. We had some interesting tangents and flashbacks to elementary art classes, but all in all we made a lot more headway then the last meeting. I’M EXCITED!!!! 

The A Team Mix

So at CCA we have this amazing program called Envision. It is like having an extra class dedicated to the creative things you specialize in. My area of “expertise” is instrumental music.  Well, our normal music director was not there today so a friend of mine and I got creative on the piano. (Which FYI neither one of us can play.) We created chords that go well with the words from “The A Team” . We were singing and I have to say, it was sounding really good considering. Of course, then our slight doubt in abilities, terrible ipod microphone and a slightly out of tune piano might have dampened our resolve. But, if we get back on it and clean up our extremely amateur playing then  maybe I will post a short excerpt of out masterpiece. 😉

Mornings Are My Room’s Worst Enemy

Believe it or not, I clean my room. No, really. It is actually pretty organized too. It just doesn’t look it. I know where everything is and where things go but sometimes mornings can be hectic and things just end up everywhere. Mornings are my room’s worst enemy. The day before my room will look perfect, (This is usually because my OCD kicks in and I see things aren’t straight and it looks crooked.) but then I start looking for my clothes or the shoes I was wearing last week and my room just gets more and more cluttered. So in a way my room really does look like a tornado went through it, but I am the tornado.