My Animal Personality?

So at a long night at a friend’s sleepover birthday party, we stumbled onto the topics of people and what they look like. I from the very start was pegged as a mouse. I myself didn’t see the resemblance. But it wasn’t the first time I had heard the reference. My parents always told me that I ate like a mouse. Apparently, eating small bites continuously and grazing at any opportunity is a little similar to the eating habits of a mouse. I still didn’t see it. However, a turn of events lead to one thing to another and I ended up squeaking like a mouse unintentionally. What else are you supposed to do when someone jumps out at you from the depths of a shadow? Scream? Yell like a normal person would? Oh contrar, that would be too main stream. 😉 At least since then my animal has gone under some fine tuning. My ability to jump flawlessly over 3 sleeping people onto a couch which might have been 6 feet away had an effect on my “mouse” identity. Instead I became this little guy.I admit, I am adorable. 😀 Behold my newly revised personality!!! THE KANGAROO MOUSE!!!! (yes there is such thing)


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