Eyebrows: The Window to Personality

If you’re a girl, you’ll understand what I mean about those hairs that seem to pop up right in the  of your eyebrows. Some people are lucky enough to not have thick coarse hair, so when you try to wax it off all of that peach fuzz like hair comes off nicely, no problems or hairs left behind. However, others are born with those thick coarse hairs that, despite the savage ripping of wax off ones face, staying perfectly intact where is stood. But maybe it’s not just luck of the DNA pool…

While trying to clear my head of  thoughts relating to anything hair, which much to my displeasure seemed to keep cropping up due to the discomfort radiating from the hot prickly areas recently exposed to the “de-hairing” process, I related my thick stubborn  hair to my even more stubborn personality.

I’ve always had a stubborn streak and have a tendency to hold fast to my beliefs until better ideas are brought to my attention. Don’t get me wrong however, I am usually open to new ways of thinking. Usually. My theory of eyebrow hair relating to one’s personality seemed to hold true to my mother,sister, and father. All of which had the same traits are their eyebrows. So take the test for yourself. Describe your eyebrows then compare them to what you would describe yourself as. Of course everyone is a little biased about themselves so ask a friend to examine your personality and your eyebrows. 😀


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