DIY Jewelry Organizer

What you need:

An old canvas             

Hot glue gun

Old Fabric 



What to do:

First take you old used canvas (mine used to be an old panting I made in third grade, horrid painting) and start sticking the foam on your canvas with the glue gun. I used old green foam that holds plants in place because there wasn’t anything else in the house, but feel free to find some brand new foam.

Let dry, then tightly spread the fabric across the foam and glue in the front. Make sure it is tight or the ends will stick out and as you pin things the fabric moves and things fall out. I learned first hand.

Let the fabric dry then measure out the ribbon. I made my ribbon look like a present wrapping job but you can do it in strips or random lines. Glue down tightly, let dry and start hanging your jewelry!


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