When you run out of paper…

I am currently visiting my grandparents in the beautifully hot 109 degree Kentucky. Like all vacations, there are always some set backs to being away from home and not always having all the same luxuries as one would at home. I hadn’t ever really noticed this until I ran out of doodle paper. Now, I’m sure everyone doodles small random things on notes, notebooks, binders, official documents that were supposedly very important for your sister’s work (WHICH she had already doodled on). This brings me to the doodle paper. I have a stock of it in my room at home. Basically it’s just old printer paper that has mistakes on it. I keep that for writing things and random pictures. Well, in Kentucky there is a limited amount of scratch paper and I hate wasting perfectly good printer paper sooooo… this happened. 

All of the writing is my attempt to copy my grandma’s fancy handwriting. After awhile my hand got tired and i just wanted to see how much I could write.


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