I want THIS scooter. ūüėÄ

Boxx / Boxxcorp, 2012

This awesome-looking electric scooter may look like a concept, but seemingly it is actually real! Buy here for $3,995.

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Car Accidents and Road Saftey

Sitting in a restaurant, eating a GIANT burrito, next to a large open window gave me a front row seat of the street waiting outside. I was half paying attention as I was reading the first book of the Harry Potter series.(This is my first time reading the books. After being goaded into reading them I had no choice.) With either good or bad luck I looked up from my book to see a car heading straight.

Straight into a couple that was crossing the street. Watching a man wearing a white hat thrown to the curb was¬†discomforting¬†in itself, but he didn’t look like he would be too hurt. However, his girlfriend wasn’t in as good shape. She hit the front of the car the same way that a¬†rag-doll¬†would if you ¬†threw it at a wall. She would have faired better if she were also thrown some feet in front of the car. Instead, she stayed pinned under the front wheel of a large escalade bearing down on her.¬†

Car accidents happen all of the time and we should all take road safety a little more seriously. So please, next time you’re crossing the road think twice to do it with the¬†absence¬†of a crosswalk. I would hate to read this about this happening to you. On a happier note, I am liking Harry Potter more and more each book I read!

Happy Birthday Amelia Earhart!

My family has a couple of pilots and Amelia is definitely a star among aviators, especially women. As most people know, Amelia was the first woman to be honored with the U.S Distinguished Flying Cross award for, or course, being the first woman to fly the Atlantic alone. Everyone remembers her for her disappearance along with Fred Noonan, but she is also known with adoration for her bravery in paving the way for women to explore new fields of work that ladies had never been considered for before. Happy Birthday Amelia! Image of Amelia Earhart

Teagan White’s Inky Illustrations

I really love reading her posts and she always has beautiful art featured.

Nicole Belopotosky

Previously, I’ve featured the talented illustrator in St. Paul, Teagan White. Since then, she has posted more intricate renderings of flora and fauna, cute anthropomorphic critters, illustrative typography, and everything in between. Teagan begins each piece with an inky drawing and then digitizes them to add her harmonious color schemes.  Check out her website, here, to see more of her incredible art! And for a wonderful treat, check out her Society6 page to purchase prints.

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DIY Jewelry Organizer

What you need:

An old canvas             

Hot glue gun

Old Fabric 



What to do:

First take you old used canvas (mine used to be an old panting I made in third grade, horrid painting) and start sticking the foam on your canvas with the glue gun. I used old green foam that holds plants in place because there wasn’t anything else in the house, but feel free to find some brand new foam.

Let dry, then tightly spread the fabric across the foam and glue in the front. Make sure it is tight or the ends will stick out and as you pin things the fabric moves and things fall out. I learned first hand.

Let the fabric dry then measure out the ribbon. I made my ribbon look like a present wrapping job but you can do it in strips or random lines. Glue down tightly, let dry and start hanging your jewelry!

Transformation: Jewelry Organization DIY

Summer vacation has been great and I FINALLY home. Vacation was fun but there is nothing like sitting on your computer all day in bed. Of course, if you can actually find your bed. Whenever I am packing to go someplace my room becomes a black hole from all of the flying clothes, closets left open, and junk on the floor. So I attempted to clean my room, but I realized I had some cool stuff I forgot I had so I ended up looking through old photo albums and finding things I have been looking for FOREVER!!! After getting sidetracked by every little thing I finally cleaned¬† straightened up my room made it look clean. Then I got into a really creative mood and revamped my closet! I made a new jewelry box hanger thing and found an old statue of an old chinese man playing a banjo to hold all of my stuff. Gotta say pretty proud of myself. XD!!!! I’ll post how I made the¬†jewelry¬†board later.