Some cool art pieces. Take a look!


I would LOVE to have the chance to see this and be able to write about it. The culture looks so unique and to be able to experience it first hand? Amazing. Maybe I just might have the chance yet… 😉


” Teluk Intan(安順)is a town located in the state of Perak in Malaysia. It is the largest town in Hilir Perak district and third largest town in the state of Perak with an estimated population of around 120,000, about half of Hilir Perak district’s total population (232,900). Teluk Intan is the district capital of Hilir Perak district. – Wikipedia. For more information about Teluk Intan, please visit : 

That is the general information about it, let’s get back to my title, 4 AM. How many of you have ever think what is happening in your town at 4 AM in the morning? Which i believe most of us will be sleeping soundly, except those football fans who are still awake for the Euro 2012.

Being here for 25 years, i have never thought of what is going on out there at this time? Like my sister…

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The GoCar: Now Comes with Sparkling Helmets!

This is a GoCar. I saw one while driving downtown and I just HAD to take a picture. This guy’s helmet sparkles … like Edward. 😀 (The white spot on the helmet is my camera flashing. I wanted to get one of him waving but it was too blurry.)

So I was interested to see what these weird mini cars were so (using the picture) I went to their website to see exactly what they were. These mini cars are like your own personal tour guide around San Diego. The onboard computers tell you where to go and the stories behind all the different hot spots in town. I kinda want to take one around just for fun. 🙂 I might know someone who would go with me.


Finals and the Procrastination that Follows

So after all this studying I needed a break and I thought the best way to do that was waste time on wordpress and maybe write a new post. 😉 So far I am doing very well at procrastinating. So far I have gotten some bio done and math studying is next. Fun. The best part is I am in cramming fashion. For those of you who aren’t aware, studying comes with any degree of studying. For some, it is to pick out the next day’s clothes to waste as much time as possible before really buckling down and studying. For others, it may be getting into pajamas. (And if your a girl, throwing your hair into a bun on top of your head and putting on your nerd glasses.) I would love to show you my amazing line of studying fashion but my camera is far away and bio is beckoning once again. So watch for an update for an amazing picture of a studying nerd. Me! Good luck with all finals everyone!

More Pictures Coming Soon…