Mother’s Day, Late Minute Conservatory Applications and a Dance Performance

It has been a hectic week! Over this weekend was Mother’s Day and last year, my family did a terrible job last year; so we had to make it up. We went to the beach in La Jolla to see the sea life during low tide and my sister and I stalked the squirrels. There were squirrels EVERYWHERE! Even baby squirrels were coming up to people and eating out of their hand despite the looming dog next to them. You could have kept one as a pet and the squirrel wouldn’t have know the difference. Plus, I think Mother’s Day may have been one of the first sunny warm days! Due to the early morning breakfast I had to make that morning I kind of fell asleep on the rocks.

 Right after Mother’s Day I found out that my Conservatory applications were due on Tuesday not Thursday. So I had to rush to get it finished witch was just delightful business. In the end I got it all done so it was ok. To top it off though, we have a dance performance so I have been staying after school until 6 everyday and will for the rest of the week. Well, it’s only Wednesday and I need a Friday. Hope you enjoyed my ranting!


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