The Iron Lady Movie Review

Just watched The Iron Lady. It was so good! The movie was about Margaret Thatcher after her many years of being Prime Minister. The movie set-up was interesting because it started backwards, then started to present time and then back to her past. It starts out as Margaret having dementia. She sees her dead husband when she needs someone to confide in and has full conversations with her imaginary husband; this, of course, worries everyone around her, consequently getting everyone to think she has lost it(though she kind of has). The sad part is that she realizes that she is going crazy and her husband is a hallucination. She continues to battle her own mind to differentiate the difference between reality and imagination hoping to pull herself out of her depressing state. However, she isn’t incoherent all the time. The writers did a great job throwing in smart remarks that conveyed her wit and personality.

Throughout the movie, she flashes back to her younger days and that’s how you see her back history. It takes the viewers back to her teeage years up to her stepping down from the position of Prime Minister. The writers made  it difficult to gauge whether the movie was praising or disapproving Margret Thatcher’s actions because of how they made her act towards others at times. Overall, it was an eye opening movie; I learned new things about the time I didn’t know before.



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