The Adventures of STAR Testing Week

Pros:                                                                      Cons:

– Free Food                                                         – Looonnng Testing Time

– Less Homework                                              – Still have homework

– Interesting Testing Outfits                           – Mom Won’t Let Me Go To School W/PJs

STAR testing brings both good and bad times. For one, we get free food! Cinnamon rolls and muffins await me as I walk through the gates of my school. ( My day is always better when there are sweets first thing in the morning.) Of course, there is always the benefit of less homework; however, there is always ONE teacher who wants to ruin the mood and give kids homework anyway. Plus, walking through my school during testing gives everyone a chance to experience a new fashion trend only available select times of the year.  For example, there are some who dress normally(me), others who think that testing is a model runway and dress in their finest, or showiest/holiest clothes they can find in their closet(others), and special individuals that come in their comfiest(not a word) clothes, A.K.A their PJs(special individuals). The best by far I’ve seen so far has been a special individual who had dressed in their PJs and equipping himself with a pillow and blanket. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take a picture of him so you will have to make do with the other picture I took. 😉

Casual Clothing Goers


PJ Goers                                                                        Holy (Maybe Holey?) Goers

First two pictures taken by me, while the last was taken from an online source.

(I don’t take pictures of that.)


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