Sprinkles Cupcakes… Yum

So after a long hard interview at Fox 5 TV station. My mom took us to Sprinkles Cupcakes!!!! Yummy!

I got the one on the top. It’s a s’more cupcake. So good! It has marshmallow icing with chocolate cupcake. It also has graham cracker crust at the very bottom and has a chocolate filling.


Just Whelmed…

Underwhelmed, overwhelmed. Why are they all over or under? Why can’t  you just  be whelmed? Sadly, this isn’t my original question. I heard someone mention it awhile ago, but I came to my attention again after hearing that someone was overwhelmed. Thus, my interest was peeked again. I have heard several opinions of what just a normal whelmed would consist of. Many people agreed that being whelmed would refer to being content with the amount of something. So I searched what it meant and here is what I got.

Whelmed: past participle, past tense of whelm (Verb)

  1. Engulf, submerge, or bury (someone or something): “a swimmer whelmed in a raging storm”.
  2. Flow or heap up abundantly

So there you have it. Whelmed.


Quarter Flip

How did the name QuarterFlip come up? Well, I am a quarter filipino growing up in a world where if you don’t look asian, society denies your ethnicity. Despite my up bringing and obvious obsession for asian dramas, I seem like an average caucasian; A cocktail of Irish, German, British and other cultures(that are currently escaping my memory) makes up the me today. Being this interesting combination had given me… unique experiences. So in honor of fellow quarter asians of all kinds and for my own and viewer’s entertainment. I bring you Quarter Flip!!! (Spontaneous Clapping and Celebrations) ;D  I shall bring you interesting articles, post, clips, videos, and daily events of a quarter filipino.